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How Supportive Housing & Fiduciary Services promote stability for Veterans

Quest offers an array of programs and services to help our nation's veterans become self-sufficient.


Veteran Fiduciary Program

Initiated through the Department of Veterans Affairs, Quest Fiduciary assists veterans with managing and budgeting their benefit income. Quest Fiduciary caters to the elderly as well as to Veterans, working closely with The Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure financial stability for our nation’s heroes.

Supporting the Behavioral Health Needs of Our Nation’s Veterans

Behavioral health is essential to overall health, and we all have a role in ensuring that service members, Veterans and their families are prepared for their next steps in life as they transition. Adjustment to civilian life requires Veterans and their families to reorient their lives across multiple domains including employment, finances, housing, social supports, and health.

Life’s transitions are inherently stressful for all of us. They produce changes in relationships and support networks, and they challenge our identities and self-perceptions. Transitions for Veterans can be especially burdensome due to shifting from the unique collective culture of military service to shaping a more individualized role in how they live, work, and interact with others. Studies indicate that 44 percent to 72 percent experience high levels of stress during transition from military to civilian life. Quest Cares makes sure our Veterans have the support they need to thrive.

Quest Veterans Village

Quest Veterans Village is a 12 unit garden-style apartment development used for permanent supportive housing for Veterans (men and women).

Construction of Quest Veterans Village was completed in February 2012. The development was funded using Department of Community Affairs CDBG funding, City of Atlanta CHDO HOME funding, and Home Depot Foundation Veteran’s Support funding.

Quest Enclave

Quest Enclave consists of 8 garden style apartments located in the English Avenue Community of Atlanta for veterans. ​

Quest executed a total interior gut renovation, re-architectural plans, re-engineered groundwork, professional landscapes and exterior upgrades for this property. Funding was provided by the City of Atlanta Office of Grants Management and The Home Depot Foundation.


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