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Resident Health
& Supportive Services

Our CARF Accredited Supportive Services provide at-risk populations with intensive case management to address individual needs.

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Community Challenge

Establishing Good Health & Habits

Our core strength is providing comprehensive case management for individuals and families affected by behavioral health, addictions, and physical disabilities. We service the chronically homeless in our supportive service programs.


On average, most of our residents have been homeless at least 7 years before entering our program.

Optimal health is essential for our residents to thrive

We provide a full array of services for our residents, either directly or through partnerships, designed to facilitate self-sufficiency. We recognize that the more our residents feel valued and supported, the more self-sufficient they become.


Melissa Tyson

Director of Quest Cares

Collaborative Services
The Quest Cares Team encourages residents to reimagine their quest for life.
Physical Therapy Exercise

Healthcare Services

Chris 180

Grady Hospital

Mercy Care


Atlanta Community

Food Bank

Furniture Bank

of Metro Atlanta

Atlanta Police Foundation

OJT / Employment

Westside Works

Literacy Action

U.S. Dept. of Housing

& Urban Development

Affordable Housing

Quest Communities

Atlanta Housing Authority

Westside Future Fund

Case Management

Quest Cares

City of Refuge

Caring Works

Financial Education

On The Rise

Financial Center

Bank of America

Wells Fargo

With the right Supportive Services, our residents thrive.


93% of Quest residents do not return to lives of homelessness and neglect


Consistently voted #1 in quality among Atlanta's homeless service providers

Comprehensive Solutions
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