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Promoting Financial Sustainability

At Quest Fiduciary, we represent and advocate for the unique financial needs of vulnerable members in our community.

Our primary focus is on creating housing stability that promotes independence
QFS helps beneficiaries who need assistance with paying their bills and provides financial management for approximately 650+ social security beneficiaries throughout the state.
​To ensure housing stability, we verify that all of our clients' bills are taken care of and in turn - help provide an overall better quality of life for residents on the Westside.



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Olivia Nightingale

QFS Director

QFS offers payee representative and non-attorney direct services for SSA and VA recipients.
For nearly two decades, the Quest Fiduciary Services (QFS) team has provided financial management solutions to the special needs population of Georgia.
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How We Work

We act on behalf of the beneficiary to ensure timely payments of all monthly bills including rent, utilities, and other expenses.

We assist beneficiaries with meeting their basic needs, avoiding homelessness and other risks associated with disability.

We ensure that our beneficiaries have money for their personal needs throughout the month. These funds are distributed by loading their QFS debit card.

We work closely with the SSA & VA to prevent homelessness in our communities throughout Georgia.

SSA Payee
We fight against financial exploitation and assist with money management
Community members who have been diagnosed with a mental and/or a physical disability are able to confidently rely on the help of Quest Fiduciary to manage their income and protect them from predatory financial practices.

QFS caters to the elderly & veterans, working closely with the Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure financial stability for our nation’s heroes.

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SSA Start Up

SSA Payee Services

Veterans Administration

Fiduciary Services

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QFS has helped many Westside residents attain independence and peace of mind.

Comprehensive Solutions
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