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With great collaboration comes great sustainable change for our communities and our people.

The Quest Westside Impact Center

The Quest Westside Impact Center (QWIC) is a 30,000 s.f. facility that serves as the central hub of Atlanta’s Westside and delivers housing, social services, and community development resources to the residents. The center integrates housing, job readiness/placement, economic inclusion, and other social services into a seamless delivery system.

Impact Center

The QWIC Collective

We are a social justice collective dedicated to wealth creation and housing for historically marginalized people and communities.

Collective Partners
Service Partners

We harness the power of community to break the cycle of poverty.

In communities where resources are scarce, our Collective Impact Model is the most efficient way to deliver housing and supportive services to those in need.

We bring people and agencies together to improve service delivery, affect policy changes, and ultimately, create lasting community resilience.

Whether engaged in shared learning or combining resources for action, Quest provides the support and facilitation necessary to make collaborative work possible.

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