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It must be the responsibility of the privileged to ensure that we can create a just world where social justice is a norm.

World Day of Social Justice is observed annually on February 20. Internationally, the world is plagued with unfortunate issues that prohibit millions of individuals from living a fair life. Many of the world’s population, through no fault of their own, are deprived of basic facilities, such as homes, jobs, healthcare, education, nutrition, and more.

It must be the responsibility of the privileged to ensure that we can create a just world where social justice is a norm. If you want to contribute in an extremely meaningful way, you could enter the law profession – law school is expensive but here are some law scholarships that may help.


The world is facing significant issues including serious financial crises, high unemployment rates, poverty, exclusion among societies, discrimination, and lack of access to facilities that prohibit full participation in the global economy for developing countries. Back in 1995, Copenhagen, Denmark, hosted the World Summit for Social Development. This resulted in the Copenhagen Declaration and Programme of Action. Over 100 political leaders took a pledge to alleviate poverty, work towards full employment and create stable, safe, and just societies. They also decided that they needed to put people at the center of the development plans.

In 2005 in New York, the U.N.’s member states reviewed the Copenhagen Declaration and Programme of Action at a session of the Commission for Social Development. They agreed to commit to advancing social development. Two years later on November 26, 2007, the United Nations General Assembly declared that starting from the sixty-third session of the General Assembly, February 20 will be celebrated annually as the World Day of Social Justice. On June 10, 2008, The International Labour Organization adopted the I.L.O. Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization.

Organizations across the world including the United Nations and the International Labour Office, make statements on the importance of social justice for people. Organizations also prepare and present plans for tackling issues and promoting social justice. Trade unions also participate and do their bit in marking this day. The Russian General Confederation of Trade Unions has in fact declared the common slogan as ‘Social Justice and Decent Life for All!’



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