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Celebrating The Incredible Women of Quest & Their Life-Changing Work

In honor of Women's History and Social Work Month, our Quest Cares team share their stories of the women that have inspired their own personal contribution to community service.

My mother, Hilary Browne, has inspired and influenced my contribution to society. Growing up over the years, I have watched her struggle as a single parent. Through her ups and downs, she was determined and persistent in ensuring more than our basic needs were met. Not only did I watch my mother sacrifice for my brothers and I, but she was a pillar in her community and was willing to sacrifice for others. She was the founder and CEO of Missy’s House of Hope, whose motto was “Catching Them Before They Fall.” She dedicated her life to the development of youth.

A former Medical Professional for 20 years, she has worked with youth through Ministry, youth organizations, and as a foster parent. As my mother worked diligently in her community, I also saw the different needs, not just for young people but for adults as well. Because of that, I became inspired and sought a counseling and social services career. ​- Melissa Tyson, Director of Quest Cares

My mother Lillie Coleman is my personal hero. She has taught me the importance of hard work, as well as the importance of having a sense of empathy and care for those we come into contact with. She encourages my siblings and me to always stand strong in our purpose. She is so amazing, and I’m blessed to call her my mom.

​- Janelle Lawson, Case Manager

The Quest Cares team provides a full array of services for our residents, either directly or through partnerships, designed to facilitate self-sufficiency.


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