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Finding Inner Strength

For years Ms. Watson had experienced homelessness along with separation from her family and mental health concerns. She was initially unwilling to share with her case manager and was afraid of her new environment.

A few months in the program, Ms. Watson began to come out of her shell by sharing what brought her to homelessness and how her mental health was untreated. With the assistance of her case manager, she found the strength to address her mental health concerns. She began to take her prescribed medication which helped stabilize her.

With her mental health stabilized, Ms. Watson was able to reengage in relationships with her children and grandchildren. Ms. Watson, with the assistance of her son, was able to purchase a car and started driving for Door Dash. After seven months in the program, she had achieved her goals of stable housing, mental health needs being addressed, obtaining income, and having a relationship with her children and grandchildren.

The inner strength of Ms. Watson along with encouragement from her case manager put Ms. Watson in a position to successfully transfer to another program where she continues to thrive.

Ms. Watson is currently residing in a one-bedroom apartment that she is proud to call home. She continues to work and have a relationship with her children and grandchildren. Ms. Williams’s mental health needs are being met and she has stated that she was happy and thankful for the opportunity provided by Quest.


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