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Workforce Development is key to keeping our residents active & focused on becoming self-sufficient

The Past Doesn't Define Our Future

A Quest resident gets back on his feet with a willingness to move forward after dealing with past homelessness, health concerns, and even surviving the death of one of his children.

Mr. Knight entered the program in March 2021. Upon entry, he has worked extremely hard stating it helps him mentally when he’s able to work. He enjoys working and believes it is the key to remaining self-sufficient.

​Mr. Knight has also been making improvements to his diet which has resulted in lowering his blood pressure. He is gainfully employed and has been adhering to a budget and saving money. He has recently obtained a housing voucher that will allow him to permanently secure housing.

​We commend Mr. Knight for his positive attitude and willingness to make a better life for himself. He continues to work and save money so that he will never experience homelessness again.



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