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USAO NDGA Second Chance Housing Solutions Conference

L-R: U. S. Attorney Ryan Buchanan of the northern district of Georgia discusses housing solutions with Leonard L. Adams Jr. - CEO of Quest CDC

April is National Second Chance Month, and for the Northern District of Georgia, an opportunity to focus on second chance housing solutions.

Thursday, April 13 2023 | 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Second Chance housing solutions are needed for men and women returning to communities after incarceration, families living in extended stay motels, and everyday working-class people on the verge of homelessness because incomes are being consumed by the national affordable housing crisis.

Join us for housing solution presentations on models from Texas, Arkansas and Georgia, that focus on:

  1. Tiny Homes

  2. Reentry Housing

  3. Property Conversion

  4. Transitional Housing

  5. Supportive Housing

  6. Sex Offender Housing

  7. Faith-Based Housing Initiatives

  8. Housing Authority/Voucher Partnerships

  9. Asset Forfeiture Housing Opportunities

Who should attend:

  1. Affordable Housing Providers

  2. Community Development Corporations

  3. County Commissioners

  4. Criminal & Juvenile Justice Professionals

  5. Faith-Based Community Leaders

  6. Homeowners & Landowners Interested in Reentry Housing

  7. Housing Authority Agencies

  8. Housing Coalition & Taskforce Members

  9. Housing Investors

  10. Housing & Property Developers

  11. Probation & Community Supervision Officers

  12. Reentry Service Providers

  13. Returning Citizens

  14. Supportive or Transitional Housing Providers

  15. Tiny Home Builders



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