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Building developers, diversity and communities from the ground up

Baker Tilly US DevelUP Conference

It was an honor participating in the Baker Tilly US DevelUP conference last month. #QuestCDC's CEO was on a panel with the Atlanta Housing Authority, Enterprise Community Partners, and Sepia Transformation Partners.

Baker Tilly recently hosted their second annual DevelUP. This educational and networking event is designed to help underrepresented developers conquer the real estate industry, scale their business and build diverse teams. DevelUP convenes stakeholders from commercial real estate, community development, social impact, ESG and the built environment in support of emerging and underrepresented developers and businesses within commercial real estate.

With a passion for equity and opportunity, this event goes together with their underrepresented developer services offering. Their set of services address the barriers to entry many underrepresented developers face, such as access to capital, relationships in the industry, and education and knowledge of tax credit programs. Read how they are building equity from the ground up.



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