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How our veterans thrive with targeted support & services

Craving Stability And Support

Seven years ago, Mr. Conley came to Quest, where he found stable housing and supportive services that have allowed him to help himself and help other veterans. ​Today, Mr. Conley volunteers and participates in daily support groups for veterans with addiction issues and mental illness.

Inspiring The Community

Mr. Conley, a Quest resident for over 7 years, has been an inspiration to all of the residents at Quest.During his stay at Quest Veterans Village he developed a passion for growing plants and utilizes his new hobby as a promotional tool for his own nonprofit that he has been working on over the last several years. ​

Developing Healthy Lifestyle Skills

Among the services provided to Mr, Conley at Quest were cooking classes. He completed a course that emphasized how to prepare healthy, inexpensive meals in his apartment; in just two months, he lost 22 pounds! The stable, permanent, low-cost housing along with a suitable kitchen makes Mr. Conley’s new healthy lifestyle possible.

Quest Veterans Village

Mr. Conley, a former Quest Veterans Village Resident, found a job after his military discharge, but his service-related injuries became worse with age and rendered him unable to work—and left him with a drug habit that plagued him for decades.



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