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QuestCDC to announce affordable housing investment in Atlanta's Westside Neighborhoods

Quest Community Development Corporation is making a $110 million investment that will help “bring stability to the housing landscape” on Atlanta’s westside.

Quest says it has planned three projects designed to cater to Atlanta’s most vulnerable residents, including seniors, people requiring permanent supportive housing, and others facing housing challenges.

The projects are expected to help Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens with his goal of creating 20,000 new affordable housing units in the city. Just last month, he announced two big projects that’ll help toward that goal. One is a project to convert an old office tower, Two Peachtree Street, into apartments. The other is the city’s plan to convert donated shipping containers once used as hospitals during the pandemic into housing units for the homeless.

“It’s about housing them so that we can then provide some of the triage support whether that’s mental health services, whether that’s alcohol and drug addiction support, whether that’s helping them find housing or reconnect with veteran services,” Dickens said last month.


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