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$110M Quest Westside Trifecta - Groundbreaking Ceremony @ The Home Depot Backyard

The Quest Westside Trifecta

Atlanta | November 15th, 2023 | The Home Depot Backyard

The Westside Housing Trifecta event at The Home Depot Backyard was a huge success. Atlanta’s Mayor Andre Dickens once again delivered and drove home the importance of affordable housing, challenges associated with intentionally developing for Atlanta’s’ most vulnerable residents and how last mile delays contribute to escalating costs.

Housing work can be draining at times and it was refreshing to seeing all of the other experts and practitioners of the field continuing the work to move the needle for an affordable Atlanta for all.

We are partnering with community organizations to provide additional support for our residents in the form of health services and workforce development.

We are excited to announce a $110M investment into the city’s housing stock that will bring nearly 300 units of housing to Atlanta, contributing to Mayor Dickens promise of 20,000.

Our 3 projects will serve Atlanta’s most vulnerable residents, including seniors, those requiring permanent supportive housing, and residents at 30% AMI.



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