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Quest Community Complex - The New Home to Westside Works

Quest Community Complex offers training and employment opportunities to Atlanta's Westside neighborhoods

Quest began its commercial endeavors by partnering with Westside Works to construct Quest Community Complex on Lowery Boulevard. Westside Works is a proven provider of job training and job placement, and serves as a trusted resource for Quest’s clients, helping them secure a path to self-sufficiency. But the partnership is much more than that—it is a tangible representation of both organizations’ belief that creating employment and employable people are the means to economic growth.

This $6 million modern steel and glass edifice is the new home of Westside Works’ workforce development center. The building is joined by Quest Community Complex II, housing Westside Works’ administrative offices. Both facilities, which are EarthCraft certified, are among the area’s first commercial development in more than three generations.

Established in 2015 and 2017, Quest Complexes I & II are located at 261 Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard and 283 Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard. These buildings total 19,000 square feet (Complex I is 13,000 square feet and Complex II is 6,000). While Quest owns these properties, the buildings are operated by Westside Works, a proven job training and job placement organization that serves as a trusted resource to Quest’s clients.

Quest Community Complex I & II is the new home to Westside Works, a long-term neighborhood program with a mission focused on creating employment opportunities and job training for residents of the Westside communities, including Vine City, English Avenue, Castleberry Hill and other contiguous neighborhoods.



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